Not gonna be baited by a TERF…sorry, they don’t like that: gender critical. They’re trolls. I’ve seen this poster. If they don’t like trans people, then just back off. I don’t seek out gender criticals and tell them they’re invalid, though I think their arguments are specious. It’s just not civil. I suspect if I provide a syllabus of reading that would counter their arguments it wouldn’t have an effect. That’s not what a person wants who calls out trans women as invalid on the internet. So yeah, they’re a troll. Maybe you are too. I don’t really care. The internet, for me, is a forum to publish ideas, but enagaging in dialogue with haters is assine at best. I’d prefer talk to someone’s face where there is at least a chance for meaningful communication.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m trans, a PhD candidate in Gender Studies, and a researcher.

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